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The Vittoriadream.com website is managed and operated by Vittoria Dreams Inc. Terms “Vittoria Dream” “we”, “us” and “our” are referred to Vittoria Dream Inc.  on this website. Vittoria Dream Inc is providing this online store, along with all the tools, information, and services on a condition that you accept all the terms, policies, conditions, and notices described here.

We hold the right change, improve, or replace any section of terms and services stated on this page by publishing new updates and/or making the necessary changes to this website. We are obliged to revisit terms and conditions periodically to make new updates and changes.

Users, who continue to access or use Vittoriadream.com after changes, assure that they will comply with new changes.

By visiting Vittoriadream.com and/or buying products from this platform, you agree to follow our Terms of Service. You also agree to policies described on the website and additional terms and conditions when using services offered on this platform. The described terms of Service apply to every visitor and buyer of this website, including vendors, browsers, customers, content contributor, customers, and merchants.

We request you to pay attention to Terms of Service described on this page before you access other pages and use the services offered on this online store. You are obliged to follow all the Terms of Service by browsing our website and using services we offer through this platform.

If you have issues with the agreement described on this platform or you do not want to comply with the Terms and Conditions, you should immediately leave this website. All the terms of service stated on this page apply on all website users. We believe you agree to these terms and conditions if you access and use this platform for your demands!

Online Store Terms:

You agree that you belong to at least the age of majority in the province or state you live in by agreeing to these Terms of Service. You agree that minor dependents in your family are allowed to access and use this website through your device.

We prohibit you from using any of our products for all illegal purposes. We strongly prohibit the purchase and use of products featured on this online store for unauthorized purposes. If a user ignores this strict term and violates any laws, the buyer/user will be liable for his or her actions.

It is illegal to transmit any viruses or worms or destructive codes on this website. If we find that you are breaching any of the described Terms, we have the right to terminate all your services immediately.

General conditions:

Being a licensed and legally operating business, we hold the right to deny to serve any user for a number of reasons at any time!

Users should know that their content and information (Excluding their credit card details), might be transferred in unencrypted form. We may use several different channels to carry out this process. The method of sharing the information can change depending on the technical demands of the connecting devices and networks.

We have the right to collect information on your device and network if you switch to new operator and device. It is our top priority to keep the user’s credit card information secret and protect it at all costs. This information is shared on in encrypted form to prevent data breach!

You must agree to never duplicate, reproduce, copy, resell, sell, and exploit any of the services, access to the service, use of service, or content published on this online store without our permission. If users found exploiting our services, we will immediately cease their accounts.

We have used headings in these Terms and Conditions agreement only to make it convenient for the user to understand. These headings do not limit or affect any terms described on this page!

Completeness, Accuracy, and Timeliness of Data:

We try our best to provide the most accurate, complete, and updated information on our website. However, you cannot hold us responsible for publishing of inaccurate information on this website. We are not going to be responsible if details shared through this online store are not complete or current!

We have published content and other materials on this website only for general information. The user must rely completely on the shared material and/or use the published information as the sole basis to decide major actions.

It is the user’s responsibility to do primary research and find out the most accurate and complete information from the most reliable sources before making a major decision. You are at your own risk if you rely solely on the material published on this website and take any action after assessing the information shared on this platform.

Our website can contain some historical details. We may publish historical information, which isn’t current, only for the user’s reference. The Vittoriadream.com team has the right to update or modify the published information at any time.

This does not mean that we are obliged to make changes in the information published on our website! The user cannot force us to make changes on this website! You comply that you will be responsible for timely checking or monitoring changes made to this website. We are not responsible for informing any or all the registered users. You have to monitor what changes are made to the terms and conditions to agree or disagree with new terms.

Modifications of the Services and Prices:                                                                                                                         

We can change prices of products displayed on this online store without informing users. We are under no obligation to inform the user about new changes to product prices!

We have all the rights to change, improve, limit, or discontinue any service offered on this platform without notice. We can make service changes any time and also change content shared throughout this platform without notifying general users.

Being a buyer, general user, or any third-party, you cannot hold us liable for modifications made to the website. You cannot hold us responsible for account suspension, price changes, and discontinuation of services offered on this platform.


We try to source the best quality products from reliable manufacturers to serve our customers. There might be several products, which are exclusively available online through our or several other websites. Such products can be available in limited quantities and these products are subject to exchange or return only according to terms and conditions described in the Returns & Refund Policy described on this website.

Our team has put the best efforts to display the product colors, shape, and size through images as precisely as possible. It has been our top priority to display products as they appear originally and at brick-and-mortar stores. However, we never guarantee that your PC monitor or mobile display will show products in their original form. We also do not make any claim that products will have the same color or size as displayed in images. You cannot hold us responsible if the product looks different in the color and size from what we have displayed in image.

Although we have the right, we aren’t obliged to restrict our products’ sales to a buyer, jurisdiction, or a particular area. We are going to practice this right under different circumstances. This online store has the right to limit the supply of all the endorsed products and offered services for a number of reasons.

Product details and prices are not constant. These details can change at any time and we are not obligated to notify buyers or general website users. We can discontinue problematic products and other products anytime and vendors cannot force us to continue the sales of their products. Offers and discounts brought by manufacturer may not apply to this website. Users cannot force us to continue or discontinue any discount deal or offer.

We are not warranting product quality, service details, information and material quality. We describe details according to the details provided by the manufacturer. This online store does not guarantee that the product will meet your expectations. Therefore, it is customers’ responsibility to carefully assess the product before placing the order.

Once the order is placed and product quality isn’t as per your expectation, you will have to follow the return and refund policy. The terms and conditions applied on sold goods will apply to orders processed by our store. We request customers to check product details and reviews before buying products.

Third Party Links:

Certain products, services, and content provided on this online store can be sourced from third party sources.

All the external links published on our website can redirect you to a third-party website. Those websites are not our affiliates and we do not take responsibility for the content published on those sites.

The user cannot hold us liable for evaluating and examining the accuracy and content of the website. Users should carefully click published links to access only the required pages and avoid unnecessary websites. If a third-party website causes any sort of loss or other issues, Vittoriadream.com won’t be liable for that action!

Customers cannot hold us liable for the damage or harm caused by the bought products. We do not take responsibility for issues buyers may face due to products they have purchased through our platform.

All the transaction made between the user and a third-party website is not administered by us. The third-party website will be liable if the customer faces any kind of financial loss!

We recommend our users to carefully review policies published on the third-party website to ensure fair practices. Understand their terms and conditions before you make a financial investment to avoid losses.

User Feedback, Comment, and Other Submissions:

If the user decides to share certain submissions or without our consent sends creative suggestions, ideas, proposals, or other details online via email, chat, or via post mail, the user agrees that we can copy, modify, publish, share, translate, or use the content through any possible medium.

The user has no rights to restrict our actions because we are not obligated to the user regarding the content he or she may share. We will not pay any kind of compensation for ideas, suggestions, content, etc. shared by the user. You cannot force us to reply to comments you have made on the website!

We can, but it should not be considered our responsibility to monitor, modify, or remove content that is illegal and unlawful according to our terms of policy. Defamatory, threatening, offensive, illegal, pornographic, obscene, and other objectionable content exploiting any involved party’s property is never published by our staff. If users share such comments, we will try to find and restrict the views of such comments. However, users cannot force us to hide comments and remarks they do not like!

Being a user of Vittoriadream.com, you agree that all your comments and remarks will follow our terms of service agreement. If we find your interaction is unlawful, inappropriate, and harmful, we can remove the content without notifying you.

You agree that your comments won’t contain threatening, unlawful, libelous, and other harmful content. You also agree that you won’t try to inject malware and virus programs on this website. The user will be liable for losses occurred to this website.

We request users to use the real email ID and not a fake one while joining this platform. If a user uses fake accounts to make inappropriate comments, we won’t be responsible for such an activity. Only the comment making user is responsible for all the good or bad things he or she has published on this website.

Governing law:

All the term of services, policies, and conditions described on different pages of this website are made in accordance with the US state laws. We do not promise that certain or all the terms of service will follow the laws of the local government.

Modification of terms of service:

We do not prohibit users from visiting this page. You can review our Terms of Service every day or occasionally. You will always find the latest terms to comply with on this page.

We have the right to modify, update, or change any or all sections of terms of service described on this page. We are not obligated to inform registered or non-registered users. Therefore, it is users’ responsibility to check terms that affect their website browsing or purchase experience.

Contact details:

You should send all your questions related to Terms of Service at support@vittoriadream.com .